I can’t find my photograph?

We do our utmost to provide a photograph of everyone in an event, but unfortunately sometimes this isn’t possible. This could be because either a competitor is hidden by other riders or runners, or due to the speed of some events, the autofocus isn’t able to keep pace with a group of competitors.


Why do the photographs have watermarks?

The photographs that are free to download will have a permanent watermark. With the photographs that are available for sale, the watermark only appears on screen and not on the final downloaded or printed photograph.


What’s the difference between a low-resolution and a high-resolution photograph?

Low-resolution photographs are great for things like social media and where the photograph will be viewed on a phone, tablet or computer screen. High-resolution photographs are recommended for printing your own race photographs.


How many free photographs can I download?

Sometimes an event organiser will offer a free race photograph. Usually, these photographs will be permanently watermarked with the name of the event organiser. As many of these as you wish are free to download and available for a number of weeks after the event. You may need to reorder the photograph after that time but they will remain free.



You can search most events for your race number. If you search for the number ‘0’ it will display all the photos where race numbers are obscured or missing.